History of the ship

Build in 1928 as a cargo ship, she transported different goods through the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.
During these trips she passed many canals, lakes and rivers, as the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt. She even has been seen at seaalong the Baltic States.
She was one of the first newly build ships withan engine a so called “Luxe Motor”.

During WO II the Zwaan was hidden in the marshes and tidelands of the Biesbosch. She was covered with reed and on May 5th 1945, Liberation Day, found back undamaged.

Until 2000 the Zwaan was used as a cement tanker, before changing her into a passengerbarge.
Now she is a comfortable boat to be used at all seasons.
The Zwaan sails under the Dutch safety regulations and has an overall check every five years.
She has a certificate to sail on the river Rhine all the way up to Switzerland